Areia – Times Stands still , is the largest beach bar in Lefkada.

It is located in the famous beach of Kathisma. It is a beach bar and also a restaurant and a cocktail sunset bar. It has many levels , beginning from the sea level, then there is the café all day area, and above all is the main restaurant that is located around a giant pool.

The main task was to refresh the existing beach bar and cocktail area, to increase the sunset hour.

A new centered bar has been designed in the back of the café area, leaving more space for the sitting area, with big wooden sofas and stands.

A new façade has been designed , with a new pattern with a white and ocean blue zig zag, that is separated with wooden surfaces.

An impressive entrance has been designed, to make the entrance more significant , because of the enormous size of Areia. A new metal structure has been placed to create a tunnel , that is filled with wooden beams that have hidden lights behind of the beams.

New furniture have been placed , and custom lights have been designed to give a night atmosphere to the Beach bar.


Type – Beach Bar


Lefkada - Greece

Architecture Interior Design

Zisis Papamichos





  • Type : Type – Beach Bar
  • Place : Lefkada - Greece
  • Architecture Interior Design - Construction :
  • Architecture Interior Design : Zisis Papamichos
  • Direction :
  • Client :
  • Year : 2022
  • Surface : 3.000m²
  • Photo Credits :
  • Logo Graphic Design :
  • Lighting Design :
  • 3d Modeling-Rendering :
  • Direction- choreography - set design :
  • Set design :
  • Music/lyrics :
  • Choreography :
  • Director assistant :
  • Cast :
  • Production :