Δ Hotel interior

Δ Hotel interior

The city of Drama is located in the region of Northeast Macedonia in Northern Greece. The city center is made up of old historical buildings and post-war buildings, mainly residential. The specific building is located in the city center, and is a reuse of an existing 5-storey residential building.

The main intervention is carried out on the facades of the building, with the main aim of redefining the character of the existing shell, as the new use should be easily recognizable and legible from the outside by the visitor of the city.

A new facade has been designed using modern forms and shapes that refer to futuristic motifs. The materials that have been used are mainly marble surfaces, as the owners of the building maintain one of the largest marble mining units in Northern Greece. The hard material of marble is combined with wooden surfaces. Finally, glass curtains are used as parapets and railings to give a modern feel to the exterior of the building.

Internally, a remodeling of the building's spaces is taking place, with the aim of accommodating 12 double rooms, on the boutique hotel-type floors. On the ground floor there is a breakfast room and a reception. A modern spa area has been designed in the basement, while on the top floor of the building there will be a roof top bar.

The implementation of the study is expected to start in the coming months, and its delivery is estimated within 2023





Architecture Interior Design

Zisis Papamichos







  • Type : Hotel
  • Place : Drama
  • Architecture Interior Design - Construction :
  • Architecture Interior Design : Zisis Papamichos
  • Direction :
  • Client : Private
  • Year : 2022
  • Surface : 750sq.m.
  • Photo Credits :
  • Logo Graphic Design :
  • Lighting Design :
  • 3d Modeling-Rendering :
  • Direction- choreography - set design :
  • Set design :
  • Music/lyrics :
  • Choreography :
  • Director assistant :
  • Cast :
  • Production :