Flat House Interior

Flat House Interior

This private residence is located in the Northern suburbs of Drama in northern Greece.
The building has been designed for a single family with 2 children, and with the perspective to have 1 more kid in the future. The client asked for a single floor house , because of the child age , the parents didn’t want any staircase in their house.
The building is located in a field of 12.000sq.m and the total surface is around 540sq.m. There is basement with a garage , a private gym, a playroom and also a private wine cellar because of the family busines that is involved in wines busines.
The house in located in the center of the field and the view is to the town of Drama. It has a pool in the front surrounded by green eco friendly designed landscape.
Because of the big size of the building that is more than 500sq.m in one floor, we designed a building that each room is a different square box , and we added rectangular blocks and linear boxes that support the slab and makes clear and understandable the main geometry of the building.
The main box is the living room, that is actually the center of the house, and the rest of the boxes- rooms are connected to the main living room.
To the west side we designed the kitchen and to the east side we designed the 4 bedrooms , one master bedroom and 3 for the children. Between the bedrooms, we designed small internal yards with pools so each bedroom has also a secondary façade except the front view and also there is more privacy between the rooms.





Architecture Interior Design

Zisis Papamichos







  • Type : Residence
  • Place : Drama
  • Architecture Interior Design - Construction :
  • Architecture Interior Design : Zisis Papamichos
  • Direction :
  • Client : Private
  • Year : 2022
  • Surface : 540sq.m.
  • Photo Credits :
  • Logo Graphic Design :
  • Lighting Design :
  • 3d Modeling-Rendering :
  • Direction- choreography - set design :
  • Set design :
  • Music/lyrics :
  • Choreography :
  • Director assistant :
  • Cast :
  • Production :